Aboriginal Housing

The type of housing people used depended on the available resources for building. In woodland, large trees have relatively soft stringybark which can be chopped away in sheets and used to make simple housing. In dense rainforests, palm fronds are numerous and these are used instead.


Photo of a group of aboriginal rainforest people

A group of rainforest people outside one of their palm leaf huts. Atherton-Herberton, north Queensland.

Photo of an elderly aboriginal couple and their hut

An elderly couple commencing their hut in the rainforest. This shows the wooden frame of interlocking sticks before the palm leaves are applied. When making these homes, the men build the wooden frame while the women collect the palm fronds. Atherton, north Queensland.

Photo of two naked women carrying large sheets of paperbark

Two naked women carrying large sheets of paperbark (Melaleuca species) with which to make their hut. One carries their child. Cape York Peninsula, from motion-picture film.

Photo of a small bark shelter (gunyah)

A small bark shelter (gunyah) built over a wooden frame, used in woodland areas.